About Us

With 25 years of experience in the nutrition and supplement industry, our food scientist knew the benefits that quality nutritional supplements could have, but also how hard it was to find a pure and effective supplement. In his career, he has tested hundreds of different supplements and found that they frequently did not meet the claims on their labels. When his daughter started suffering from mild social anxiety in elementary school, he wanted to find a way to help her. Because of her young age, he wanted to avoid the side effects of prescription drugs and provide her natural relief. CBD was new on the market and after reading the research, he felt that it might be a solution for his daughter. However, when he tested different CBD products in the lab, he found that the products would often contain much higher levels of THC than promised or even allowed, tasted and smelled awful, and contained high levels of heavy metals. This made it impossible for him to get hemp oil that he trusted and that his daughter would take.

Unable to find a solution on the market that he felt comfortable with, he decided to develop his own. He found the highest quality plants processed in the best possible ways. He microencapsulated the product for better taste, smell, and absorption. Lastly, he manufactured the product locally in a facility that he could trust and could oversee.

Soon after his daughter started taking the product, her interactions at school started to get better and trying new things became easier. His daughter's teacher asked what he had done to help her make such an improvement. It became clear to him and his family that his supplement was working.

From then on, he found that his microencapsulated hemp oil supplement could help more than just his daughter. The product helped his wife, who works in event planning, to overcome the panic of a snow storm to find an acceptable catering alternative at the last minute. It also helped her sleep during a few restless nights with serious tooth pain before she could get in for a root canal. He started to see it helping other friends and neighbors as well.  

To get the word out about this product, he partnered with Jon Goddard, who is a friend and previous co-worker in the nutritional supplement industry. Jon was equally passionate about creating high quality, transparent supplements that he felt safe sharing with his family. The two founded Trace Wellness in May of 2021 with a unique microencapsulated hemp oil supplement. When founding the company, they agreed to provide traceability and transparency to their customers so that they could rest assured that they were giving their family the best. The company's name, Trace, was chosen to remind them of that promise and to make it clear to the world what they could expect.

While there is only one supplement being sold today, you can expect many more supplements to come in the near future. Each one will be natural and well-studied, and each one will also be traceable by you, ensuring the product's potency, purity, and safety.